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May 7, 2012
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End Run NPC: Kaan Hawken by Awesome-Vince End Run NPC: Kaan Hawken by Awesome-Vince
Name: Kaan Hawken
Age: 15
Height/Weight: 50kg | 5'3
Hometown/Region: Blackthorn City | Johto
Extra items: Pocket watch for portable Rotom form, Motorized bike for transportation Rotom form, various snack foods for pokemon and nibbles


Shy and bashful, He doesn't like to vocalise his thoughts so much. Mostly a coward, tends to avoid confrontations, however he can be persistant in his own ways.


A sweet but sheltered boy from Blackthorn, Kaan grew up with a rather perfect life, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
Being quite the cute kid with his big eyes and pouty look, His parents took the oppurtunities given to them and he was lapped up as an adorable poster boy for various commercial jobs, unfortunately he lacked the charisma and vocal strength to really kick his career into gear as he got older, so finding work for him is rather like shooting fish in a barrel.
Having pretty much everything handed to him since birth, Kaan was never the kind to socialise, reality didn't hit him until just recently when he found he was unable to get whatever he wanted at the tip of a hat.
With the beginning of the war, all his older peers were slowly shipping out and being drafted for the war, Wanting to help and be a part of something, even if just to feel a little relevant again he went to sign up, but little Kaan was exempt, his age and physical limitations ruled him unfit for the military, although a little relieved, Kaan had never felt so powerless.
Desperate to do anything, he resorted to helping out delivery service, the pay was meager but he needed something while he scrounged around for better work, His father gave him an old sidecar motor bike to use, and he stuck with his job like a trooper, after a while he became content with such work and enjoyed just riding around enjoying the fresh air.
It wasn't until his old faithful bike finally broke down that he started to reconsider his options, with nothing to do his deliveries on he was in a bit of a slump.

Leaving his bike to rust in the backyard, Kaan found a small job as a sort of tamer mascot for taming the new military weapon monsters, where he was introduced to his team mate, Commander Fluffybottom, who was, and still remains a stubborn but friendly little thing.
He worked with the Commander for months before being relieved of his small job, taking his rather good pay and his new team mate before returning home with not a whole lot left to do.

Hating to see him so down but with nothing to really up his spirits, his father gave him a pocket watch, a family heirloom of sorts which he liked enough to cart around everywhere with him, sporting it proudly until a strange creature decided to come out of hiding in his watch that he started to question what his dad was playing at.
His father told him that is was a spirit of some sort, he couldn't quite explain what it was, but it was always a good luck charm of sorts in their family, it brought good luck to whoever kept it close to them and he thought it was time to pass it on to Kaan in hopes of his luck picking up.
He was about right, the monster proved to be incredibly useful to Kaan, leaving the watch it possessed his bike, restoring it to it's former working glory, an ecstatic Kaan raced right back into work with the Commander in side car with him.


Commander Fluffybottom | Marill | Brave Nature | Thick Fat | Male:

A military bred pokemon, the Commander wasn't notably great at battle, and he definately didn't look like he would be of any use.
He was picked by Kaan himself to be used alongside Kaan in sugar coated demonstrations of the new weapons, he found himself enjoying the spotlight and being quite fond of Kaan and his timid bug-eyedness, mainly because for once in his short life he found someone he could boss around instead of being the other way around.

Sargeant Wiggledance | Frillish | Careful Nature | Damp | Female:

An incredibly cautious but curious frillish, Sargeant joined Kaan's team out of curiosity mostly, while she isn't 'owned' by Kaan (she doesn't have a pokeball) she mainly observes and holds on to his parcels and letters when he's on the job, just so she can feel important.
Sometimes she proves troublesome for Kaan, when it's too hot out she likes to dance and make it rain to feel more comfortable, so Kaan makes sure to always take a raincoat on sunny days, an odd thing to do from the casual observer, but neccisary.

Colonal Beepyface | Rotom | Modest Nature | Levitate:

Being part of the Hawken family for heaven knows how many generations, Beepy had been passed down to each Hawken, possessing various mechanical objects of sorts, finally making his way into Kaan's gentle little hands.
Beepy loves his new object of possession, and he watches over Kaan with sheer dedication just like he always has for each Hawken who has possessed him, while none of them are sure why he does it, they really just count their blessings that such a monster is on their side.
When Kaan has to leave his bike, Beepy returns to the pocket watch to continue to watch over him closely, the only way to get Kaan's bike to work is with Beepy, it's still broken down, but it's a great way to insure his bike wont ever get stolen (Who would want a broken down hunk of junk bike?)

What's that? another NPC Vince? Jesus christ get that shit out of here man >8U
I'm sorry guys :iconcryforeverplz: I couldn't help myself, I've been wanting to put this together for a while XDDDD
I'll have to read over this after I've slept some, but enjoy my awesomely shit writing, sorry if it's stupid XD
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Reborn8059 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
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Awesome-Vince Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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